Friday, March 19


The word now carries a body of meaning so well defined. A temporary identity, rather a mask. One you adorn when at one place. Your profile at each website create to mirror your identity or to project one you desire to.

Its fun to be a part of the buzz, and of course it comes at the cost of being judged by hits. No surprise to be at your wits end often.

Actually i wore three profiles last year. Began with that of a carefree student lounging away happy and independent on the best campus in the world. Surrounded by friends, caring two hoots about tomorrow or today for that matter. Next came one similar to a nymph..matured too soon to a lecturer, a metamorphosis too fast. The sudden plunge into responsibility, responsibility for minds not too unlike myself, in an institution where only women walked. and as is the case with such societies, norms were woven into the fabric.Rules both said and unsaid permeated the air. Never knowing who's feet i was stamping on was disturbing.

Fun it was, but I couldn't be too comfortable in my skin. I identified more with the crowd i was to tutor, just not too sure that was the way it was meant to be. Uprooted and sown again quick, yet another paradigm shift.

Now am independent. responsible for myself, none else. this is the skin i choose to flaunt. Identify with it or not. too soon to tell

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Munzir Mohammed Ahmed said...

hi your writings are so beautiful and I liked them thanks and God bless you