Thursday, October 8

Gal pal gangs :)

Being a girl, the people you have most fun with are often your gal pal 22 years and fourteen moths old now...and really miss all my GPGs...

I started to hangout with other girls of my age only after i was its only then i was introduced to the sinful pleasures of gossip... learnt the myriad expressions of surprise, awe, shock and horror a face can contort into...the juicy tidbits of trivia...all so exciting...the only people who understand and mirror you panorama of feelings..down to the most intricate interest in seemingly the most insignificant detail.

As i moved from school to au lycee to grad studies,post grad studies and now work the topics we discussed didn't change too much nor did the degree of animation or excitement but of course i evolved into a more enlightened soul. Emancipated from ignorance with multiple perspectives, shared over culinary experiments, slumber parties, combined study sessions, huddles at boring parties in whispers and mails, fervent texts and shouts across the dance floor, discreet notes passed halfway around the class and of course hours of chatting on the phone..!

It is a pleasure you mustn't deny yourself. Shopping, dieting(ahem ahem), dressing up, studying(lol), flirting, handling all the messes d'amoureux, gossiping, cooking,cleaning,grooming, fighting, gossip(again), exercise, crying,laughing, imagining the worstEST case scenarios..secret outings without letting your parents/bfs know....;) wooohooo..!! fun..!!!

Now, the time spent with each of these gangs marks a paradigm in my life..hmmm...six gangs later i guess i've grown up :( i no longer have a heterogenous group of gals dealing with a similar set of issues around longer have those murmerd discussions late into the night punctuated with whispers and stifled squeals... those impromptu bouts of shopping,bunking,movies,absconding 4m boring stuff....

in short i miss my gal pal gangs :(

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Anonymous said...

loved ur post:D can connect so much to myself:P