Tuesday, September 8

Intoxication digitalised..!

yup..!! Glad i moved on. Thought of doing this long ago. Don't know what held me back. Now i breathe an air of satisfaction. I put my foot down. Didn't believe i had the strength to do it. But here am i now, this is me :)

Orkut & FB were intoxication digitalised...the high of seein old pals, the animated discussions on the forums, posting, snaps, videos, writing testimonials (lol..!!) and of course scrapping...delineation and fantasy, Perfect antidote from a boring day..Freud would agree..! Alas, almost 5 years on orkut now, there isn't much to do :( Googl'e gift to mankind was getting little rusty at the edges..

Life was getting so monotonous on Orkut & FB... the initial excitement of finding loads of long lost friends soon was relinquished by the more pushing need to constantly update everyone as to what is happening. Not being able to update my status message atleast twice a day gnawed at my conscience all day..!!Of course getting most hits and comments also occupied a major portion of FB mind space B-)...

People i wasn't in touch wid also were updated about the little empty nuances of my day cuz we commonly connected through contacts four times separated..!! that was the first warning sign..hmm..now i've posted too much already to trty to become an enigma :P but i think this is a beginning.. Hasn't someone said the veiled holds more allure than the unveiled?

Jus to make it clear, i dont consider twitter to be in the league of FB & Orkut..or maybe i just want to salvage some of this guilty pleasure B-)


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