Monday, September 14

Batwoman ;) A video game i don't want to play..!!

Dimmed lights, high resolution graphics, life simulation, real time sound effects amplified to good measure and 10 levels to scale in batwoman 3.0. Its the new game on the block. Haven't heard of it? Whoa! you just don't know what you are missing out on.
Its a single player game and a very engaging one at that. Hours whizz by and you never know.
The player is marooned in a castle,surrounded by a cursed net. The net which is supposed to keep the malignant beasts away has betrayed the princess, secretly granting them access into the castle. The princess has only a bat weapon which destroys all beasts it comes in contact with. She also has a bottle of elixir with which she can recharge her energy from time to time, an information gadget which helps her to be in touch with other players in order to draft effective strategies which also serves to be an entertainment device, and a source of light.Sh also has a duvet, comforter and a pillow which she can use creatively to protect herself.
The point of the game is to kill maximum beasts in a reclining position, while simulating the attempt to salvage some sleep within the stipulated 7 hours. The passage of each level makes the beasts more gruesome and persistent. The elixir and the gadget have limited validity and therfore must be used very judiciously.
This is a game I play every night now. A game i most definitely do not want to play..!!
The mosquitoes are unbearable out here in Chennai. I thought Cochin was infamous for them. Learnt a new lesson. DO NOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED. I usually do not like to defame brands outright, but his one just asked for it. Allout they call it. My mind churns out a million better suited names. For the first time in my life mosquitoes have actually robbed me of my precious sleep(ask any of my friends and you will know just how precious sleep is to me). Now this game keeps me engaged :(

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Prasanth Aby Thomas said...

Oh well, now I know what they mean when they say 'creation is the outcome of pain'